Friday, May 1, 2015

The Pink Elephant - Creative Spaces

Hello Everyone!

Today over at The Pink Elephant we are kicking off a special behind the scenes feature with Ella's Girls to see where they get crafty.  Over the next 8 weeks each of Ella's girls will be taking a turn showing off their Creative Space.  I  don't know about you but you but I LOVE seeing other peoples creative spaces.  You may even see something to help inspire you in getting your space organized.

I'm the first one up...I happen to be one of those very lucky crafters that has a whole room dedicated to my hobby.  A few years back my husband remodeled the room by adding upper wall cabinets and created the shelves in the closet.  As you can imagine this is my FAVORITE room in the house! 

Here's a view from the hallway.  My desk actually wraps around the room and starts off with my computer station, main work station, die cutting station, stamp/die storage/punch storage area, and ends with my large paper trimmer.  The work surface is the same material used in office friend's husband worked for a company that I was able to purchase it from.  

My main workspace is right in front of my copic markers.  Normally the counter tops are over flowing with supplies and I end up working in the space right in front of my key board.  I usually get a look from the hubs when we finds me all the way over there.  The cabinets above hold stamps, dies, embellishments, etc. 

My most recent purchased stamps and dies are organized using the famous Jennifer McGuire storage system and sit out so I can see them.  You will also find my punches and paper trimmer here. 

We took the closet doors off and hung wire shelving to maximize the storage.  I mainly store my card stock, 12 x 12 paper, ribbon, and embellishments here.  These are made for garage storage so they are a lot stronger than normal closet storage.   

I wanted to note that my room is not normally not this clean.  I just finished cleaning/organizing it before I took these pictures.   I will admit that I'm a messy crafter!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  

Happy Stamping!!


  1. Whoa! This space is so cool! Seriously wowsa, I am soooo jealous!

  2. Fabulous space, Sheri! I love the tabletop that wraps around the walls and connects to them! And the closet --- wow!

  3. Wow! So organized and beautiful! It looks like craft heaven!:-)

  4. Oh my SHERI!!!!!! What a wonderful room!!!!

  5. My jaw still drops when I tour your room. Just beeeeautiful, my friend!!

  6. Sheri loved a peak into your craft space. You are so organized!

  7. This is one of the most incredible spaces I have seen Sheri! So organized and well utilized! You are one lucky lady! LOVE that you shared this with all of us!

  8. What a great room. I love all the counter space. And the punch shelving is awesome.

  9. Wow, what a great room you have Sheri and so oragnized. :) Love it.

  10. WOW...what can I say but 'craftroom envy'! Looks like the perfect space to house your marvelous creativity...