Affiliate and Product Disclosure

I wanted to share with you how the links on my blog work. First, I want to say that I only use what I truly like and would never recommend a product if I did not use it or like it.

I do participate in several affiliate programs. What that means is I receive a small commission when products are purchased through those links (not all of the links are like this). This is at no cost to you at all. This helps me purchase products that I can share with you in my blog posts. The affiliate programs that I participate in are: 

Share a Sale 

  •  I do purchase the majority of the supplies I use.  However, I do occasionally receive some free product to work with and promote for from specific companies.  
  •  I participate on a couple design teams where I may receive free products. This is not a payment. This is me, promoting a company I am truly proud to work with and share their products.
I love working with new product.  Would you like to see your products featured on my blog or social media accounts? Feel free to contact me at



  1. I’m looking for a card I believe you did using Winter Hugs, with red velvet trim cardstock, two snowmen, but can’t find it. Can you please help me?

    1. Hi! I believe this is the card you are looking for.