Monday, April 5, 2010

Post #3:TGF Battle--Week 2

Thank You Everyone for your fabulous VOTES last week...we made it to Round 2!!

The Second Challenge was to create an Easel Card.
This beauty was created by Thanh.

We are called "The Sunny Patch" and would love a vote if you all think her work is just as amazing as I do!!!

You can find our link HERE in The Greeting Farm's Galleria. By leaving a comment there, we have the opportunity to move on to Round 3 which we would really love to do. :D


  1. Gahhhhhhhhhhh ok you KNOW you are killing me, right?!?

    This is AMAZING! And it's ALICE! (I know you know that, I'm just yelling because i LOVE !)

  2. This card literally took my breath away in the gallery! I was surfing through them (not in the contest or affiliated, lol) and my jaw just dropped when I got to this card - from the amazing Alice to the layout and paper choices, it's just stunning! Well done, standing ovation from me (and a vote!) x0x0

  3. I LOVE this card by Thanh!!!
    WOW I am just blown away.
    The colors.....the style....

  4. Awww Sheri!! Thank you for the feature and pimpin' more votes LOL! These comments are making me blush in my seat as I read them <3


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